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Any reading that contains violent, defamatory and insulting remarks, that incites racism, hatred and any sort of discrimination, or that support war crimes, crimes against humanity, terrorism, paedophilia or proselytism cannot participate in Mots dits Mots lus.
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Examples of 2018 Mots dits Mots lus events

“Poetry reading by poets with the participation of locals. Music, Songs, and Painting… The Poetic Villabéenne.”

“This year, we made puppets so we can tell the stories we like with them. After a little show, come and read with us, discover tales from around the world! It is organised by the APES, a charity preventing school failure, of Saint-Michel-Sur-Orge.”

“Let’s meet at the French Institute’s library in Alger on the 30th June 2018. In the garden of the Institute, allow yourself to be carried away by the magic of words while reading out loud your favourite books. The members of our reading club will join us, as it is the crime novel week! Everyone is welcome! French Institute of Alger.”

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